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Realtime Report & analysis

Accurate reporting, responsive campaigns, effort investigation tools & graphs, so you can drill deep comprehensive information regarding your target viewers.

Proven Email Deliverabilty

We offer domain name authentication, compliance and deliverability training, and also Pro-active ISP Out-reach to Make Sure You reach best In-box Shipping.

Technical Email Client Support

Dedicated technical team giving you a proper authority of having fulltime support supply with the information and a proper advice to all your issues.

We Provide Email Marketing Solutions That Really Works

A full service email marketing company

We at Adsends always focus on making things better for you. Here we brings you with an easy to use customer interface, for a healthier and wealthier email advertisement. Trust shown by over 1000’s of customer in a very short span of time is what matters us. Let us serve you with our bulk mailing services at once and experience the best.


Our Services

Full service email marketing experts

Credit Email Server

For all type of small and large corporate companies, we have email plans for all.

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Email Server Configuration

SMTP, PowermMTA, complete email server configuration and installation with support for sending bulk emails.

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Technical Support

support for email server, IP monitoring, blacklisting, whitelabelling, logs reporting, security enhancing & lots more

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Virtual assistant

virtual assistant for email everything, while you can focus on your business, we manage your emails and everything that comes in the middle

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Shared Email Server

Shared Email Server for multiple access with multiple domains on a single platform.

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Our Mail Expertise Empower Your Email Delivery

We are expert email techie

Spam Filter

We’ll check the contents of your email and give it a score

I.P. Reputation management

higher your ip reputation, greater will be your email deliverability. we also provide ip reputation management service

Mailing Analytics

Monitor your email campaign’s click rate, unique clicks and contacts who unsubscribe

I.P. Blacklisting

actively check your ip in blacklisting, and remove it if found blacklisted.

Inbox Test

Preview templates on different email service providers.

Delivery issue management

resolve all your email delivery challenges and provide scalable delivery of your mails
  • The assitance of adsends with bulk mailing server is so helpful and efficient, with any problem you might have. I highly recommend them for bulk emailing and server configuration, their email professional are experienced and would deliver you with the best once you reach them.


  • They really have great knowledge about bulk email marketing and email delivery solutions. I preferred them as the 3rd one but their services amazed me and now, for anyone asking suggestions for bulk email services, they are the one.


  • Their email service helped me generate business for my company. Great customer support, dedicated team and all these at very less and affordable price. Thank you team adsends..!


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